The trip to the ranch in 2001 turned out to be the reason for a major change of my life. When I left for the States on July 13th, I did not know what was going to happen on the mountain in the following three weeks.

Shane picked me up at Sheridan airport. It was so good to see "my little brother" again. I had the feeling that I had never left this place. A couple of things would be different though. Jessi, Brandon and Missy wouldn't be there and I did not yet know the rest of that summer's staff: Scott, Erica and Emily. Scott was Shane's cousin and I heard a couple of stories about him prior to my arrival and of course I have known Randy, his dad, since the summer of 2000.

When we arrived at the ranch it was late already. I was so happy to see Sue and Bill again and after I met one of my roomates, all I wanted to do was getting some sleep (as usual).

During the next morning, I met the rest of the gang, including one more Comisford. From my point of view, Scott was a typical Comisford, whatever typical might mean...). I did not know what was awaiting me, especially because I knew that Randy planned on coming up to the ranch for a week too. Nice...Comisfords everywhere....I was prepared. That's at least what I thought :-).

Back to ranch work: trailriding, fence work, trailriding, feeding, trailriding, line dancing, trailriding, campfire, trailriding and ... ehm... trailriding. It was just good to be back. And I found a new friend: Montreal, a cute little brown and white paint horse. Jupiter was back as well. That made me happy, especially because C.O.D did not come back this time. And then there was Arapahoe, Shanes fave paint horse who looked almost like my horse Montana :-).

Ranger and Oakley got real big. I was so amazed. Ranger is really a cute little horse and when I saw him for the first time since last September, I couldn't believe how much he had grown.

Although my time on the ranch was limited to three weeks only, I had a real good time, including a campout, 15 minutes of fame (turned out to be a month), a reunion and a cowboy or should I say Comisford?

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The three weeks past by quickly. Randy came up to the ranch during my second week. The whole family and I went to Cody one day and had a fun time together. (shopping, shopping, eating, shopping :-). But in general, time past by way too fast and before I knew, it was time to go home again. I did not want to go home (as usual) but this time I had more than only one reason. Bill asked me if I wanted to stay for another month and I really wanted to but we both knew that it was not possible. But I would see them again in June, at Jessi and Brandon's Wedding. No doubt about that. So I left which was the hardest part. Scott took me to the airport and I was so scared that those last moments would be the end of the story. A story that had just begun.